White, Wholemeal and French Bread

Our everyday breads

White, Wholemeal & Crunch -
Our most popular type of breads, made in a variety of shapes and sizes like tins, bloomers or batches. We give it a long cold fermentation to improve colour, crumb and crust.

Something a little different

We have a variety of breads that are a bit more special than our every day loaves. Our Shropshire Brown is a malted loaf with a rich dark colour which complements cold meats and cheese brilliantly.
Oatmill is made with rolled and pinhead oats in a white loaf to give a coarser texture and is good for your heart! We have a variety of seeded loaves, our mixed grain with poppy seeds and our low GI bread which is made with a flour low on the glycaemic index to keep you fuller for longer. Also our very popular Corn Bread and Beer Bread.


At Swifts Bakery we are always looking to give the customer something different, which is especially true when it comes to our range of authentic French breads. The flour we use is imported directly from France and the techniques we use are those shown to us by a Parisian baker, using a method which is exclusive to the craft bakery sector. At present, we are the only bakery in Shropshire and surrounding counties to bake these French breads under the Artisan Boulanger accreditation. So why not try a taste of France right on your doorstep with the Campaillette range of either Grand Siecle, or Des Champs, the malted brown Campagrain, or the sour dough style Campaillou in either plain or smoked cheese and bacon ... they really are TRÈS BON.