Delectable Cakes
Treat yourself to one of our sweet delights, baked fresh on our premises using the best quality ingredients.

You'll find plenty of traditional favourites like Eccles cakes, iced buns, jam doughnuts and bath, Chelsea and Belgian buns. Alongside egg custards and lemony butterbuns freshly baked everyday.

We produce a range of sponge traybakes and muffins with flavours such as chocolate, lemon, toffee, pineapple and coconut and ginger.

How about a breakfast pick me up of a crisp sweet Danish pastry or a flaky real french butter croissant to go with your morning coffee.

Our fresh creams are made with local Mawley Farm cream and include iced buns, apple turnovers, pastry horns and squares and doughnuts.

We also make a variety of large cakes including Victoria sandwich in vanilla or chocolate as well as loaf cakes in lemon, chocolate, toffee and ginger.