Blending Different Ingredients for Speciality Bread
If you're looking for a loaf with a difference, why not try one of our speciality breads?

The addition of appetising flavours such as cider, beer, apples, chilli, blue cheese, sundried tomatoes and peppers, and pesto and walnut, offer delicious alternatives to a traditional loaf.

The careful blending of different ingredients chosen for their quality and taste ensures our speciality breads have a wonderful flavour and texture.

Our beer and cider breads make for a great ploughman's.

Why not try our herb and garlic twist or Mediterranean pia-do loaf with a bowl of pasta.

Substitute your traditional Naan with our chilli, lime and coriander loaf to pack a punch with your curry.

Our focaccia with toppings including feta, tomatoes and red onion or our plain and flavoured sourdoughs including figs make a great addition to a cheese board.